• Precision Machining
  • Large and Complex Parts
  • Advanced Paint Finish
  • Assembly

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Reaction Injection Molding

How do you make your plastic parts?


RIM Molding Comparison Chart

  RIM Molding Urethane Casting Thermoforming Sheet Metal Structure Foam Molding Thermoplastic Injection Molding Fiberglass Aluminum Casting
Ability to:                
Mold In Outside Features  
Mold In Inside Features      
Mold In Stiffening Ribs      
Create Variable Walls Thickness            
Encapsulate Metal          
Encapsulate PCBs & Electronics            
Appropriateness for:                
Creating Large Parts      
Complex Geometry      
Reducing Parts & Assembly        
Low Production Volumes    
Short Tooling Lead Times      
Creating Structural Parts    
Part to Part Repeatability        
Cost Comparisons:                
Low Unit cost        
Low Cost Molds        
Low Cost Mold Changes          

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