Fourth Term U.S. Congressman Visits Exothermic Molding on National Manufacturing Day

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Fourth Term U.S. Congressman Visits Exothermic Molding on National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and address modern manufacturing in America.  Items pivotal to the nurturing and growth of manufacturers are examined such as the skilled labor shortage in the U.S., and the educating of future generations to continue the legacy of the industrialized sector.  NMD is a key opportunity to take charge of manufacturing’s public image, and to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the entire industry.  The day and its surrounding activity is designed to examine common concerns and challenges facing future generations.
Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07), Vice Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, visited Exothermic Molding Inc. as part of a multi-stop tour for National Manufacturing Day.  Exothermic Molding builds high quality Reaction Injection Molded plastics, and Lance visited the facility to view its contemporary equipment and discuss the state of manufacturing in New Jersey with the company’s president, Paul Steck.
“American manufacturing produces safe and reliable goods and commodities that the world economy counts on.  An American brand guarantees a safe product with high-quality workmanship created by a skilled workforce.  I saw that first-hand at Exothermic Molding,” said Lance.1
​The Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey includes nearly 600 manufacturing facilities that employ 40,000 employees, according to the National Association of Manufacturing.  Lance sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and serves as Vice Chair of its Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee.
Paul Steck says, “We have been fortunate to host two prominent legislators at Exothermic Molding.  In 2013, New Jersey State Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr., toured our company showing a great interest in the manufacturing industry and its future in the state.  Now, Congressman Leonard Lance has brought federal interest to our shop. We are flattered to serve as a representative of manufacturing, and the small business, in New Jersey and the United States.” 2
While manufacturing continues to be challenged in the country, Steck observes that the future is looking modestly brighter.  He cautiously notes that contract manufacturing seems to be making a comeback.
Exothermic Molding, one of the pioneers in the RIM industry, was founded circa 1972 and provides Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) parts to the medical, electronic, and lab instrument market. Since then the company has expanded into many other applications and markets, but remains progressive in the RIM process.​

1 Source: Tap into Kenilworth – “Lance Visits Exothermic Molding in Kenilworth on National Manufacturing Day”.

2 Source:  Unpublished Interview: Steck, Paul. Interview by Joseph R. Passarella.  Exothermic Molding, Kenilworth, New Jersey.
Paul Steck is President and CEO of Exothermic Molding Inc., a 
company specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality molded plastic parts often used as electronic enclosures in the Medical Devices, Laboratory Instruments and Technology markets.  The company, considered one of the leading RIM manufacturers in the United States, has successfully served these industries for over forty years.
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