Low-Cost, High-Precision Tooling

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One of the most beneficial aspects of Reaction Injection Molding is in the ability to create low cost tooling in a much faster time frame than traditional molding methods; and because Exothermic utilizes in-house, fully-equipped HURCO machining centers, we can expedite molds for even shorter lead times.

The low pressures needed for RIM allow molds to be made of low-cost aluminum that is easier to machine. All our molds are manufactured directly from your CAD model to produce a feature-rich, molded part. Our CNC machining with CAD/CAM can create a tooled piece in as little as a month.

RIM Tooling Benefits:

  • High tolerance, precision molds
  • Tooling in as little as a month
  • Low-cost machined aluminum construction
  • Ease of design changes
  • Unlimited life span

Exothermic helps the customer with design to ensure the part is optimized for the RIM process. We strive to help you bridge the gap between prototype and production with fast tooling that yields a part made exactly to your specifications.

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