RIM vs Proxima Next-Generation Molding by Exothermic

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Exothermic partners with Materia to offer the benefits of Proxima® thermoset resins

Our expertise with advanced thermoplastics makes Exothermic Molding the smartest resource for manufacturers seeking greater performance compared to traditional resins like polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, or vinyl.

Why Proxima parts molded by Exothermic?

Exothermic’s parts and assemblies molded with Proxima thermosets deliver the outstanding characteristics that companies need to address their advanced material needs.

  • Exceptional Toughness. For long lasting parts with predictable life cycles, Proxima delivers high impact strength and resistance to crack propagation.
  • Lightweight. Densities near 1 g/cm3 are 10-15% lighter than comparable thermoset resins.
  • Excellent Hot/Wet Properties. Extremely low water absorption of polyolefins combined with the thermal stability of thermosets.
  • Low Carbon Footprint. Cradle-to-grave emissions 47% lower than standard epoxy resins.
  • Low Viscosity Resins. Quick molding of complex shapes, high filler loadings, and low void content.

Applications for every industry

Exothermic’s Proxima-formed parts are ideally suited for use in a diverse range of vertical markets:

  • Automotive — Lightweight, strong, tough
  • Electronics & Electrical — Superior dielectric, thermal and mechanical characteristics
  • Industrial — Excellent longevity, structural integrity, moisture and corrosion resistance
  • Infrastructure — Low carbon footprint, high durability, excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Oil & Gas — Excellent HPHT performance, longer service life with lower risks than traditional materials
  • Transportation — Outstanding material for lightweighting, fuel savings and safety characteristics
  • Wind Energy — Increased energy capture area at reduced costs from longer, more durable wind blades

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Let’s talk: Exothermic Molding’s expertise runs both deep and wide.  We welcome your inquiries about the benefits offered by Proxima for your molded parts and assemblies.

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