“I didn’t know that.”

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“I didn’t know that.”

“I didn’t know that.”

Dozens of top industrial designers and mechanical engineers visited us at the 2015 MD&M show in Philadelphia to learn more about Reaction Injection Molding.  As we talked about the design and production benefits that companies like Beckman Coulter, Canfield Scientific and Siemens Healthcare GmbH have discovered working in RIM with Exothermic Molding, the universal response was

“I didn’t know that.”

It seems they hadn’t discovered…

The reduced cost, improved accuracy, and enhanced cosmetics over thermoformed plastics like Becton Dickinson,

That Gatan had us reverse engineer cast urethane parts for RIM to reduce cost and improve part stability,

Sterilis Medical has chosen Exothermic Molding as the exclusive supplier of cost and design efficient RIM parts over injection molding and cast urethane for a new-to-market device that sterilizes medical waste and will revolutionize discard management in the healthcare industry, or

Honeywell Analytics has come to Exothermic with a part that requires the combining of solid elastomer RIM molded polyurethane, layered with a rigid low-density urethane foam, covered with a flexible integral skin polyurethane, and painted to a precise finish while encapsulating both stainless steel and ABS tubing.

They just didn’t know about the design flexibility, low volume production efficiency, and cost savings realized by producing in RIM.

They do now.

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