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Exothermic, one of the pioneers in the RIM Molding industry, was founded circa 1972 with a business plan to provide Reaction Injection Molded (RIM) parts to the medical, electronic, and lab instrument market. Since then Exothermic has expanded into many other applications and markets but remains committed to the RIM Molding process.

The company has grown from a garage based operation to the modern, eight-press, 10,500 square foot facility of today. Over the years many technological improvements have been made to the equipment and process.

Exothermic Molding is considered a state-of-the-art facility with modern computerized Programmable Logic Controlled machinery. This includes urethane metering units, an environment controlled, positive pressure spray booth with air make up and bake and cure capability, and modern CNC machining centers.

From the very beginning the Exothermic philosophy was to provide as much customer value as possible. As a result the company has always had painting and silk screening capability, which allows finished parts to go directly to the customer’s assembly lines. In addition, Exothermic often sources and sub-assembles other matching components to further reduce the customer’s cost.

RIM’s future is bright. Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers are discovering its great design flexibility and outstanding value.  As the benefits of RIM become more apparent, it is being recognized as a preferred manufacturing process.  Exothermic is at the forefront of RIM manufacturing, and no matter where the technology leads, the company will be there as it heads into its fifth decade.

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