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The Challenge of Choosing the Right Manufacturing Process

Determining the right process for part production is a crucial step in the ultimate success of a product.  The realities of quantities, lead times, budgets and design features have to be considered against unknowns such as market success and future design changes. Oftentimes a particular process will solve one problem but raise others, and can limit the Read More »

Your imagination has no limits. Freedom to design innovative plastic parts comes with RIM.

Tell us what you think. Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is a distinctive process for creating plastic parts that is a recognized molding technology with industrial designers worldwide. RIM is often the process of choice in manufacturing products ranging from automobile parts to medical equipment casements. Designers are finding that RIM eliminates many issues that are Read More »

Want to Save Money? Want to Save Time? This could be The Answer.

Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts on this blog. “The Value of Strategically Sourced Sub-Assembly.” Our new white paper describes how Strategic Sourcing of Value-Added Assembly provides benefits that address the ongoing need for efficiency in the manufacturing process. The sourcing of components and the sub-assembly of products provides a wide array of Read More »

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