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RIM Enables Complex Design Geometries in Medical System Enclosure Panels

The PHOENIX Automated Microbiology System, developed by the Becton Dickinson and Company Biosciences division, is used in large commercial and hospital laboratories. The system performs automated analysis of infectious agents and can perform from one to 100 determinations simultaneously.  Designers turned to RIM Technology at Exothermic Molding, Inc. for complex geometries, varying wall thicknesses and Read More »

Save Money. Save Time.

Strategic Sourcing of Value-Added Assembly provides benefits that address the ongoing need for efficiency in the manufacturing process. The sourcing of components and the sub-assembly of products provides a wide array of advantages in several distinct areas: (a) Cost Savings, (b) Improved Material Flow with Reduced Supervision, (c) Increased Flexibility Meeting Customer Demand, (d) Improved Quality, (e) Positive Environmental Effect. Read More »

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) for Gatan

Gatan, Inc. took a very hard look, and applied a very sharp pencil, when analyzing the cost of producing parts in Cast Urethane.  “It was just costing us a fortune…” offers John Duffy, Materials Manager SP&H, Supply Chain, Gatan, Inc. The decision to use RIM was simple.  The RIM Process provided important values: Unlimited Mold Read More »

Fourth Term U.S. Congressman Visits Exothermic Molding on National Manufacturing Day

National Manufacturing Day gives manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and address modern manufacturing in America.  Items pivotal to the nurturing and growth of manufacturers are examined such as the skilled labor shortage in the U.S., and the educating of future generations to continue the legacy of the industrialized sector.  NMD is a key opportunity to take charge of Read More »

“I didn’t know that.”

“I didn’t know that.” Dozens of top industrial designers and mechanical engineers visited us at the 2015 MD&M show in Philadelphia to learn more about Reaction Injection Molding.  As we talked about the design and production benefits that companies like Beckman Coulter, Canfield Scientific and Siemens Healthcare GmbH have discovered working in RIM with Exothermic Read More »

JBT Corporation: Replacing Sheet Metal to Maximize Value

  Abstract: Reaction Injection Molding of plastic parts is a quality driven, price alternative compared to many manufacturing processes including sheet metal. With RIM, one can develop a sculpted, structural design that minimizes hardware and includes value-adding features, all at a price point that is cost-effective for low to mid-range volumes, especially for larger complicated Read More »

Case Study – Solidscape: The Evolution into RIM Casements

The Reaction Injection Molding of plastic parts exceeds Industrial Designers and mechanical engineering expectations as a quality driven, price alternative to many manufacturing processes — the most noteworthy of those methods being Thermoforming.  In an unpublished video interview with Mark Magee, Senior Design Engineer of the visionary 3D printing equipment manufacturer, Solidscape, Inc., a Stratasys Read More »

Welcome to 2015!

All is well at Exothermic Molding, thanks to all of our customers, suppliers, and employees. Our goals are to continually find ways to improve our processing methodologies in order to provide the highest quality services at the best possible price. Here are a few highlights from this past year: ISO 9001 Certification Training – We Read More »

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