RIM vs Process Comparisons

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Eliminate the pain and risk in choosing your plastics vendor with the help of Exothermic.

Our knowledgeable team will help you uncover opportunities for part design based on the specific needs and goals of your product.

Your ultimate process choice may vary based on the appropriateness in terms of quantities needed, investment allowed, design features specified and lead time objectives; but the RIM process can be an extremely advantageous option to satisfy complexity, cost, and timing issues.


Ability to:
Mold in Outside Features
Mold in Inside Features
Mold in Stifening Ribs
Create Variable Walls
Encapsulate Metal
Encapsulate PCBs / Electronics
Appropriateness for:
Creating Large Parts
Complex Geometry
Reducing Parts & Assembly
Lower Production Volumes
Short Tooling Lead Times
Creating Structural Parts
Part to Part Repeatability
Cost Comparisons:
Low Unit Cost
Low Cost Molds
Low Cost Mold Changes
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